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Cindy’s Coaching Approach & Philosophy

Cindy is passionate about people and organizational development. She is a firm believer that when individuals and companies are aware of themselves and their environment, and act in alignment with their values, purpose, vision, strengths and goals, the outcomes will be beyond positive and productive.


Cindy believes in a ‘(w)holistic coaching approach’, meaning that she does not make a division between one’s personal and professional self, his or her life and development. Cindy likes to inspire people to bring their whole self into the picture, i.e. to bring all their strengths, potential and passions for the sake of tapping into their natural creativeness, resourcefulness and wholeness of each person to allow for more fulfilment, balance, impact, success and growth.

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Cindy’s Process to Unlock and Build Potential

Exploration and Goal Setting ->

Increase Awareness of Self ->

Increase Awareness of Others ->

Increase Awareness of Impact ->

Making Conscious and Intentional Choices ->

New Experiences and Empowered Beliefs ->

Habit Formation ->


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Why Cindy?

Cindy’s powerful questions, inquisitive and nurturing nature and inner drive to raise the bar enable coachees and organizations to tap into greater awareness , better thinking, more functional beliefs, fresh perspectives, thriving and inspiring behaviors, goal attainment, and improved choices, impact and outcomes which makes her a successful all-round coach.


Cindy looks forward to teaming up with more individuals, teams, organizations and communities by coaching them towards their goals and vision, so they can transform and become who they aspire to be.


Professional & Inspirational

Cindy is a certified senior coach who walks her talk. Cindy keeps up-to-date with business issues by following the news, being curious and interested, reading articles such as those published by Harvard Business Review, McKinsey and Gallup, and investing in life learning. For example, Cindy just obtained her Master of Science with Distinction in Business Strategy, Leadership and Change with Heriot-Watt University in October 2019 and she is a front of the room leader with the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), training beautiful people to become co-active coaches.


Curious & Creative

Cindy is curious about every individual and one’s inner+outer world and dreams. She loves her clients and projects and creates tailor-made programs that are designed to meet your needs and goals. 


Practical & Transformational

Cindy uses practical techniques and evidence-based models to evoke discovery, awareness, creativity, innovation and transformation.

Her Qualifications

Psychometric Certification

  • The Leadership Circle Profile Certified with The Leadership Circle 

  • Team Coaching International: Authorized Facilitator Team Diagnostic Assessments

Coaching Qualifications

  • International Coach Federation (ICF): Professional Certified Coach (PCC )

  • Co-Active Training Institute (CTI): Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)

  • Center for Right Relationship (CRR): Alchemy: the art and magic of co-leading     

  • Center for Right Relationship (CRR): Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC Qualification)        

  • Stichting Kanjertraining: Authorized Facilitator of the Kanjertraining Program (anti-bullying and leadership programme for schools, families and children), The Netherlands


Academic Qualifications

  • Master of Science with Distinction in Business Strategy, Leadership and Change, Heriot-Watt University, Dubai

  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Hotel Management, Stenden University, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands



  • English

  • Dutch

  • Basic understanding of Spanish, French and German

Her Areas of Specialization

  • Strengths Awareness and Application

  • Self-Awareness

  • Leadership Development

  • Interdependent Leadership

  • Finding Purpose and Meaning, and Emotional Regulation to become a more authentic and effective leader.

  • Driving Vision & Purpose

  • Executive Presence 

  • Team Performance

  • Work life integration

  • Internal communications and relationship (collaboration).

Cindy van de Kreke Tiger Training

How my journey began

Cindy worked within the field of hospitality, financial services, sports and semi-government prior to becoming a certified executive coach. As a coach she has worked with a wide range of clients working in government, banking, maritime, real estate, HR Consultancy, education, healthcare, facility management and hospitality. In the UAE she partnered up with Authenticity Coaching and Consultancy, Culture-Inc, Shift, True Evolution and WWA Corporate Coaching to design and deliver projects for a variety of clients, such as Al Noor, Atkins, Dubai International Academy, Emirates NBD, Emrill, EWS-WNF, Jumeirah Group, Moorfield Eye Hospital, Polarcus, The Ministry of Happiness and Well-Being, The Rashid School for Boys, Valiant Clinic, Volkswagen, Rashid Hospital and others. 

Cindy has led several corporate projects including:

•       1:1 Executive or Leadership Coaching: Individuals for Personal and Personal Growth

•       Team Coaching: Teams for an increase in Positivity and Productivity


•       Leadership & Management Development: Design and Facilitate Workshops to build high performance individuals and teams for Junior, Middle and Senior Management Levels


•       Organizational Culture Change: Design & Roll Out a Culture Change Program aided by the use of diagnostic tools 


•       360 Feedback: Delivery of 1:1x 360 feedback to middle and senior management 

Type of Clients


  • Directors, Managers

  • Young Leaders, High Potential

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Coaches

  • Schools, Teachers and Students

  • Parents

  • Teenagers

  • Children


Industry/Functional Experience


  • Banking & Finance

  • Maritime

  • Real Estate

  • Education

  • Healthcare/Pharmaceutical

  • FMCG

  • Facility Management

  • NGO

  • Hospitality

  • Sports

  • Government and Semi-Government 

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