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Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a thought-provoking process whereby Cindy teams up with you to go on a journey of self-discovery -composed of unlocking and building awareness and potential- for the sake of achieving positive and sustainable change. This change goes beyond transactional coaching, in other words, the coaching goes further than just a behavorial change.

Cindy does not coach your issues, she coaches YOU, so you discover what truly matters to you, where you get stuck, where you play small, and then together you will explore ways that get you unstuck and that are more aligned with your true self. You will walk out with homework after every session. Homework that you will choose, that will allow you to experiment, learn, grow, transform and achieve your goals.

Hence, a minimum of 9 sessions over a period of at least 66 days is recommended for you to experience the power of transformational coaching whereby you will unlock and build your potential with the aid of different evidence-based tools and techniques to anchor new neuro pathways that enable you to respond to future challenges from a place of empowered choice, from the inside out (inner locus of control), steering away from negativity, reactiveness and victimhood. 

Research has found that leadership can be taught, and Cindy believes that everyone is a leader. Leadership is about becoming aware and giving oneself permission to lead, support and follow others to move towards a common vision whilst overcoming obstacles and taking responsibility for impact. Therefore, life coaching and leadership go hand in hand. 

Of course, Cindy will schedule a sample session with you first, so you experience coaching first hand. The process typically looks like this:

 > Sample session of 30-45 minutes (is coaching with Cindy for me Yes or No?)

 > Discovery session of 120 minutes (baseline:  discovering you and your inner resources, train you about coaching, create your coaching plan and make agreements about our coaching relationship) 

 > Typically nine sessions of 60 minutes depending on your goals, dreams and progress

 > One completion (last) session of 60 minutes to review the journey, celebrate and define what is next for you

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