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Family Services

Your journey through life has many twists and turns. Cindy offers a choice of family-driven coaching programmes to support you, your spouse and your child through challenging times.

Cindy’s private coaching sessions are tailored to the specific needs of your family, and she offers one-on-one support and guidance to you and your child. Cindy is highly experienced in coaching sensitive and personal issues such as bullying, gaslighting, grief and bereavement, low self-esteem, imposter syndrome, stress, mistrust, fear and anxiety. Since Cindy is a certified coach and not a psychologist nor therapist, her philosophy and methodology differs from the medical field. The pillars of her model are: people and all relationships are naturally creative, resourceful and whole (potential and answers are within), solutions are an outcome of connection, nobody gets to be right or wrong.  

Working with Children

Do you feel that your child is too shy, overpowering or submissive? Are you concerned that your child is being bullied? Does your child struggle with forming friendships or managing emotions? Or would you like your child to build leadership skills early on? If you say yes to any of these questions, then Cindy is your answer.

Cindy does not believe in the victim and perpetrator approach when it comes to bullying and any other form of power imbalance. The situation goes beyond just these two players. It is systemic; There are other factors that contribute to the situation.


Cindy explores the situation with you and your child, and works with your child’s current world view to build trust and inspire change by exploring values, purpose, the various behavior styles and the impact of each style for the sake of increasing your child’s understanding of self, others and the world, so s/he can take more conscious and intentional decisions.

Working with Families

Do you struggle to understand your child at times? Are you concerned with your child’s behavior and decisions? Do you sometimes struggle as a parent? Would you like to have a better relationship with your child? Do you want to learn how you could empower each other? If you say yes to any of these questions, then Cindy is your answer.

Cindy does not believe in the carrot and stick approach. Cindy believes that solutions are co-created by building safety, respect, curiosity, listening, empathy and other life skills. She uses practical tools, evidence based models and improv to take you and or your child(ren) into engaging and tailor-made experiential learning to inspire change from the inside out.

Cindy has had the pleasure of being trained by Dr. Gerard Weide, a Dutch psychologist and teacher, who developed a programme for children, parents, teachers and schools. This programme is known as Kanjer Training in The Netherlands – also known as Tiger Training and Topper Training- and has been accredited by the Dutch Ministry of Health, Wellbeing and Sport. Cindy and Charlotte Gast successfully brought the Tiger Training Philosophy and Tools to groups of children studying at Dubai International Academy, The Rashid School for Boys, Dubai English Speaking College, Jumeirah Baccalaureate School and at Authenticity Coaching and Consultancy. 

Cindy aims to inspire children and adults to think positively about themselves and others – and how to respond, rather than just react, in a variety of challenging situations. There is scientific evidence that positivity boosts concentration, happiness and success.

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